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las vegas is sustainable now

Casino cities are becoming nature-friendly 

New destinations for environmentalists 


Las Vegas and Monte Carlo are probably the best places for casino lovers, but now it is also becoming the dream of an environmentalist. Casinos are taking environmental responsibility very seriously and they are proving themselves as nature-friendly. Both areas changed their way of water usage, and it has impressed people all around the world because it shows that any business can make sustainability of resources as one of their priorities. 

Sin City is trying to lose its title 


Caesars, one of the oldest casinos in Las Vegas, keeps water conservation as one of the main points of their environmental plan. Aerators were installed in shower heads to make the water flow smaller and in toilets to minimize water usage per flow. Moreover, an upgraded washing machine tunnel was made for washing all the towels that are being used in the casino and hotel, and the upgrade helps to save a lot of water every year. However, probably the best example of water conservation is in The Palazzo which uses a filtration system to collect water from the sewers and makes it usable again. If you are an environmentalist who enjoys casinos, but you were not sure about their policy of water usage, now you can start looking for cheap flight tickets to Las Vegas and start practicing your skills on a huge list of poker rooms online. Water usage control is just a small part of what casinos are doing to protect the Earth. They are also keeping sustainable reconstructions, energy management, and preservations of the biodiversity as a priority, and it shows that Sin City is finally becoming green. 

Monte Carlo is catching up 


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Monte Carlo is not far behind from Las Vegas with its environmental actions. Some of their casinos and hotels are already using the towel and sheet reuse program which helps to conserve water. The Monte Carlo resort was even awarded 4 out of 5 keys in the Green Key Eco-Rating, and it shows that their practices were successful and were approved by a worldwide organization. Monte Carlo is controlling their water usage, and it is a good example to other areas in the world which might be facing a similar situation of having a lot of tourists and businesses. With the number of people that come to Monte Carlo annually, this practice makes a really big impact on the sustainability of the environment.